BKW 高端户门 | Smart Home Hochsicherheitssystem für Wohnungsabschlusstüren

The largest single door (width 2000MM up to 3000MM), thus achieving a larger flow of people.

Different from the traditional side-hung door, use the designer's arbitrary imagination to create a unique work.

It can be visually integrated into the wall.

With fireproof, anti-theft, thermal insulation and other functions.((Fire class A, anti-theft RC2, insulation Ud = 0.89, sound insulation 38 decibels)

5) 这是一种在欧洲受富豪和名人青睐的户门系统。
This is a household door system favored by the rich and famous people in Europe.

It can be equipped with high-tech door locking system, visual system and intelligent system to adapt to different high-end home designs.